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How to Do REALLY Deep Pressure

In 1996, Ramit walked into my office. He was big and he wanted really deep pressure. Crap, I thought, he’s going to kill my body. And he did. Twenty years later, Ramit is still my client. His body hasn't changed and he still wants really deep pressure, but I’m no longer in pain. (No, I’m [...]

No massage clients today? I’m thinking your inner dialogue might sound like this: I stink. I better take another corrective massage seminar STAT! But wait, my clients love me. Well, then they should come back more often, damn it. I should tell them to come back more often...or force them to and make them buy [...]

I’m 100% on my own when it comes to making money in my massage practice or any other business that I have. That means I have to sell, produce and deliver to eat. No one gives me sick days or vacation days. No one pays for my insurance. Without me it all falls down. And, [...]

A client, Marcia, once told me that my massage business card sucked. Actually she said: "Holy crap!" as she held my card in her hand. Marcia was a graphic designer and rattled off a list of fouls I had committed when I designed my card. So, guess what I did the next day? Nothing. Today [...]

What makes a massage therapist durable? It's whether or not the MT makes massage adjustments. Wait. What about the things you bring with you into massage, like old injuries, dysfunctions, etc., that affect how you work? Yep, they're important. And how about: Do you do massage in way that is hard on your body? Absolutely. [...]

Mainstream massage will be connected to mainstream medicine. And if you’re not moving in that direction, I think you’re going to miss out an opportunity. I’m not talking about getting hired by an orthopedist or physical therapist to do medical massage. I’m talking about aligning your massage business with mainstream medicine to serve your clients [...]

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