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How to Do REALLY Deep Pressure

In 1996, Ramit walked into my office. He was big and he wanted really deep pressure. Crap, I thought, he’s going to kill my body. And he did. Twenty years later, Ramit is still my client. His body hasn't changed and he still wants really deep pressure, but I’m no longer in pain. (No, I’m [...]

How to Work Around an Injury

I'm going to scare you. Ready? Massage injury (or any injury that prevents you from doing massage). If you can’t work, you don’t get paid, right? The good news is that unless you really hurt yourself, like a broken arm, you can work through most injuries without worsening the injury or developing a compensatory injury. [...]

When I say massage business goals for the year do you get a little nauseous? I used to... But last year was different for me. I achieved my goals. Well, I should say that I achieved my goal. Singular. No “s” on the end. Nothing like setting that bar at your ankles, Mark. Actually, the [...]

Can your massage table be too low? That’s the question I had asked myself last week. So, I did a Can Your Massage Table Be Too Low? experiment. For 7 days, I set my table on the lowest setting possible for each client I saw. Guess what happened? Nothing. My body felt fine. However, if [...]

How to Hold a Massage Tool

What’s overlooked, misunderstood and is as important as the massage tool itself? The way you hold a massage tool. Here’s what I mean. This is a t-bar. My neuromuscular massage instructors told me that the t-bar would save my thumbs when doing precise work. They were right. It did save my thumbs. But, unfortunately, it [...]

The TheraPress Trigger Point Massage Tool (say that 10 times fast) is a massage tool that I’ve grown to like once I figured out how I could adapt to some of its design challenges. First, it’s a heavy tool. Believe it or not, an ounce or two makes a big difference in terms of hand [...]

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