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In 1996, Ramit walked into my office. He was big and he wanted really deep pressure. Crap, I thought, he’s going to kill my body. And he did. Twenty years later, Ramit is still my client. His body hasn't changed and he still wants really deep pressure, but I’m no longer in pain. (No, I’m [...]

How to do Short Stroke Massage

If you have iffy shoulders, elbow or thumbs, then try short stroke massage. Yep, I made up the name "short stroke massage". Think of it as a strategy. Basically, you’re going to cover less distance in a stroke—a lot less distance. WTF, Mark, that’s going to be the choppiest massage ever! Not after you make [...]

I don’t like hype, but what I’m about to say is gonna sound hype-y. Ready?  Want to be a hit with pain relief massage? Then get good at using moderate pressure. I say this for two reasons: my experience and a research study. Let’s start with the study. In 2010, Tiffany Field, PhD, director of [...]

I’m going to get pretty serious on you: Are you happy doing massage? Be honest. No clients are looking. There’s some grey here, I know. You may like some things about massage, but not other things. I’ve found that when I ask MTs if they're happy doing massage, their answers fall within a range. On one [...]

You have a target market in mind—seniors with disposable income who can come in during the day. Cool. What’s the first thing you should do to get in front of that audience? Ten years ago I would’ve said something like put up a flier at the most expensive retirement community nearby. Going for this mother [...]

How to Stand out From the Crowd

There’s a way to stand out from the crowd without having to learn a specialty massage or spend any money. But you’ll need to do something that most MTs won’t do or don’t like doing. You’ll need to do precise massage. “Precise” massage? Dude, you mean "detail" massage. Nope, I mean precise massage. Detail/focus work [...]

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