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Your cats are eating dog food. And you desperately need more money. The only way you know how to get massage clients is through referrals. Here's how that has worked in the past: you did a good job, and some clients referred their friends and family to you. Unfortunately, this approach takes months and months [...]

About 20 years ago, when I was about to start a massage business, I went on a quest to find a physical therapist. I wanted to build a professional relationship with a PT who was approachable, would answer my questions and collaborate with me when treating certain clients. Guess what? I finally found one! Don’t [...]

At first, this is not going to sound like a massage injury prevention guide for your thumb and index fingers, but it really is. Ready? Your client, Taro, is waiting on the table. When he was changing you had grabbed a quick snack, but then remembered that you nails were like daggers. You frantically fumble [...]

Listening to someone talk about massage marketing tips is like being handed free, lottery scratch-offs. You can’t wait to score! Scrape, scrape, scrape...no match…scrape, scrape, scrape…damn…scrape, scrape, scrape…seriously?!...scrape, scrape, scrape…maybe I should switch dimes… This scenario of trying-and-hoping-but-things-not-working-out was my experience with massage marketing tips in the past. I got a little sour on the [...]

How to Start a Massage Blog

A massage blog is not for everybody. Weren’t expecting that opening, huh? But it’s true. You may like the idea of a massage blog, but if you don’t like to write it’s probably not a good idea to start a massage blog then. (There’s a way around that one. It’s called a Vlog. I’ll cover [...]

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