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If I could do my launch into private practice massage over again, I would NOT invest in certifications to tweak my massage skills. Instead I would invest in understanding me. More specifically, I would drill down on what motivates me, what keeps me focused and, ultimately, what compels me to finish the job. The Problems [...]

How to Compete with Massage Envy

Brian works for a national massage spa franchise. The owner recently told him that going out on his own was a dumb idea because national massage spas were gobbling up all the business. Five years ago, I might have agreed with the massage spa owner because my business was not all it could be due [...]

If you work with athletes or someone with flat feet, you may have already encountered tibialis posterior tendonitis (TPT). A person with TPT may feel pain in the arch of the foot, medial side of the ankle and/or deep in the calf. I’ve found 2 keys to helping a client walk out of my office [...]

Putting a price on your massage can be emotionally brutal. On one end of the emotional scale is “I’m not worthy”. On the other end is “I’m too good to work for this price”. In addition to the emotional side, there’s also the reality piece: How much is someone actually going to pay for a [...]

In my 20s I used to think there was something seriously wrong with the journey that I was on. How could Bill Nye the Science Guy be so passionate about what he did, and me not so much? I spent many years looking for something to be passionate about only to fall in and out [...]

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