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The multifidus and rotatores are in the lamina groove. Early on in my career, I shied away from anything close to the spinous processes. But neuromuscular therapy taught me that these muscles can be influenced and clients REALLY  like getting them worked. The Deep Back Muscles Here are the multifidus and rotatores: They multifidus stabilizes [...]

A while back, I trained MTs to do hotel massage. Some were fresh out of massage school. I used to get overwhelmed trying to tweak their massages, but eventually I discovered something important: If I could help them master transitions, big things, like flow and maintaining consistent pressure, would fall into place. Hotel Massage Training [...]

Writing and selling articles is more than just a way to supplement massage income. It can actually lead to other massage-related revenue, like developing and teaching massage CE courses. If you’ve thought about writing articles, but have reservations, let’s change that right now.  First, let’s take on fear number one: I’m not an expert. It's [...]

Not one of my clients would ever pass up on suboccipital work for a tension headache.  But as good as suboccipital work can be for relieving headache symptoms, there's evidence to suggest that jaw muscles could also be contributing to tension headaches. And one in particular—the masseter—is easy to overlook. Why Jaw Muscles? Jaw muscles may [...]

If you struggle with pain around the neck and upper traps when doing massage, here’s one simple massage strategy that could help you out: sit down when you can. Pain in the Trap Area When the orthopedist diagnosed me with an unstable shoulder and cervical radiculopathy a while back, I knew I needed to change [...]

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