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How to Massage with Your Fists

If you use your elbow for deep work and you’re starting to develop neck, shoulder, elbow or hand pain, I have an elbow substitute for you. Fists. I Got Hurt A while back I used my elbow/forearm for a lot of my deep work. Unfortunately, it started to exacerbate old neck and shoulder injuries. It [...]

Over the years occiput work beat up my fingers and thumbs. At one point, my hands ached so bad that I thought about taking occiput work out of my massage. But instead I experimented for about a year and discovered that when I changed one bad habit and found other ways to get the job [...]

I stunk at palpation in massage school. All my classmates found the tight spot on the massage model right away. When it was my turn, if I didn’t find the tight spot by the third pass, I would pretend that I did. My palpation skills did improve over time (hallelujah!), but they could have improved [...]

Don’t Give Up Yet

In 1993 I was in dumps. I was working for a chiropractor, but I wanted to work for myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough clients to make a move. I felt stuck and was ready to give up. But lucky for me I had two people in my life who challenged me to change my [...]

I built my practice around pain relief massage. You can, too. And you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to learn how to do it. Why? Because on some level with every massage you do now, you’re already doing pain relief massage. You can make pain relief massage your signature massage by doing [...]

Before each massage if you’re not asking yourself this question– How can I do a good massage without beating up my body?–you’re probably in pain or you’re on your way to being in pain. You Should Quit Massage In June of 2013, severe pain in my neck, shoulder and arm sent me to the orthopedist’s [...]

If you’re waiting to feel like a pro before you open your massage practice, you’re wasting precious time. Instead of waiting, think about doing the opposite: put yourself out there. Putting yourself out there means that no matter how uncomfortable you feel and/or how low your confidence is, you are in front of the people [...]

Table Height is EVERYTHING!

Bad advice can end your massage career. Here’s one piece of advice that nearly knocked me out of commission for good: use a standard table height setting for each massage. How NOT to Set Your Table Height Twenty-five years ago I was taught that to set my table height, my distal knuckles should touch the [...]

If you don’t have any money to advertise, there is one thing you absolutely need to do: email your clients about massage specials, important information and personal recommendations. Take a deep breath. I’m going to make it easy for you to get rolling. Here we go! Eliminating the Cheese Factor First, you need to get [...]

Deep, Detail Work—Bring It On!

Doing detail work will beat up your hands and tighten up your forearms UNLESS you get good at this one thing: pressing with a massage tool—instead of your fingers. Your fingers should simply act as guides for the tool. 1/3 of the Trick After I became certified in neuromuscular massage (NMT), I knew 1/3 of [...]

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