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In 1996, Ramit walked into my office. He was big and he wanted really deep pressure. Crap, I thought, he’s going to kill my body. And he did. Twenty years later, Ramit is still my client. His body hasn't changed and he still wants really deep pressure, but I’m no longer in pain. (No, I’m [...]

Remember when you first started massage and thought your earning potential was 40 hours x $60, $70 or $80? But then one day you hit your massage max and experienced pain (the built-in disincentive to making extra money through massage). Sad day, huh? Well, there’s a way to bump up your massage max without being [...]

Understanding failure can lead to more massage money. I bet you think I’m talking about lessons learned from failing. I’m not. I’m talking about something more nuanced. Here’s what I mean. You’ve failed at something. I've failed. We've all failed. After the failure our brains add the current failure onto a list of failures. Nice [...]

What’s the difference between a thriving massage practice and a surviving massage practice? Massage business relationships. Thrivers knows how to develop them. Survivors—not so much. Most of us tend to ignore them. For good reason: A business relationship is a little weird. To sustain one, you can't just keep talking about the weather nor do you [...]

One week you're dining at your favorite restaurant. The next week you're eating P&Js. We all know what happened during P&J week--clients disappeared. That's just how the massage business is, right? Actually, no. You can create steady and predictable massage income every week. Here's how to do it. First, stop thinking in terms of how [...]

You’re not good at all the things needed to sustain and grow your massage business. Okay, that was a little rude…but it’s true, right? When I opened my practice I stunk at marketing and a whole lot more. We’re not talking character flaws here. We’re talking too many hats to wear as a business owner. [...]

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