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Are you using your massage tool? Hmm…let me guess why you’re not.  Maybe it's because that hunk of wood or piece of twisted plastic doesn't let you feel anything, and you have no idea how hard you’re pressing. I hear ya, but hold on, there’s a way around these problems. Use a guide finger next to the [...]

Pause that hand stretch video! There are reasons why your body hurts when doing massage. One might be because you’re not adapting in an effective way. I know this sounds a little theoretical, but it’s not. I’m talking about making adjustments when working through a massage challenge. For example, let’s say you need to ratchet [...]

When I first opened my massage practice, I was a strict neuromuscular massage therapy (NMT) practitioner. I believed that NMT could get any client out of pain. Period. Twenty years later, things have changed for one reason: I get better results for certain clients when I collaborate with and/or refer to other health professionals and [...]

I didn't understand massage body mechanics when I was a massage student, and I thought every MT had hand pain. My hands got to be such a problem that I went to my teacher, Telema, for help. She watched me work on a fellow student. What she told me to do seemed too subtle to [...]

Hotel massage can be a way to pick up some extra money. But it can also be time-consuming, costly and frustrating if you don’t know the ropes. Here are 3 actions steps that you’ll need to take in order to be successful with hotel massage: Connect with the GM, Sales Director, and a motivated front-desk [...]

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