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My name is Mark Liskey. I’m a certified neuromuscular massage therapist and have been practicing massage for 24 years. My wife, Lisa, and I own The Massage Institute, PressurePerfect™ Massage and each have private practices. I’m also a writer. You can read more about me here.

My guess is that you got into massage because you like taking caring of people.

Me, too.

However, you may have found that taking care of people for a living is not easy. Think of the discounted or freebie massages you’ve done for people who really can’t afford massage or the clients you’ve given extra time to for free. In fact, you’re probably a little burnt out.

And if you’re just starting out in massage, you’re probably worried and overwhelmed. You’re worried if you’re good enough. You’re worried if your hands are always going to hurt after doing a week’s worth of massages. And you’re overwhelmed with deciding what your next step should be, like should you spend $1000+ to specialize in a modality?

It’s at these the critical times—when we’re confused, frustrated and feeling isolated—that we make an impulsive decision OR we do the opposite and can’t make a decision at all and get stuck.

I Got Stuck

One year, getting stuck cost me about $10,000. I had an office in a fitness for 5+ years. The fitness center was moving about 10 miles west of its current location. I had a couple of months to make the decision to move with them or try to bring clients to our office 5 miles east of the fitness center.

I vacillated so long that when I finally did make the decision I had no time to transition some of my client base to our other location. My core clients followed me, but the fitness center clients who came in occasionally had no idea where I was now.

I Got Unstuck

There’s an answer for bad decision making and getting stuck. But I’m fairly certain the answer will make you uncomfortable. Ready?

It is: massage is not just about making other people feel good. It’s also about making YOU feel good, too.

Even now, I feel a little guilty for saying that. But after doing massage for many years I’ve learned that it’s okay to feel good. In fact, if you don’t—you’re probably going to be less effective at helping other people feel good.

Right now, what would make you feel good?

More time with your family?

More money?

Practicing massage in an environment that’s uplifting?

Start Now

To help you start answering those questions I have three quizzes that I’ve designed for MTs in my coaching program. I call the quizzes the What Do I Want From Massage Quiz because it sounds better than 3 quizzes.

The What Do You Want From Massage Quiz is free. It’s not graded and is completely for your use. My goal is to provide common ground so that as you start to figure out how to make massage work best in your life, we all can be on the same page.

Here it is:  What-Do-You-Want-From-Massage-Quiz.pdf (106 downloads)

The quiz is not the only way to start the wheels in motion to getting what you want from massage. You could skip the quiz and subscribe to my blog. It’s free. In addition to getting my weekly blog post, you’ll receive notice when free downloads, new YouTube videos, and free webinars are available.

The last way to get started here is to poke around my website. Click on things. If you have a question or don’t find what you’re looking for, shoot me an email or leave a comment. I’m expanding the site, adding new information and free goodies each and every day.

Okay, now, just one more thing: There is no right or wrong way to begin the process of getting what you want out of massage. It’s different for everybody.

The most important thing is to take the first step.

I’ll be here:-)


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