How to Cure Best Massage Therapist Syndrome

Guess what? I’m not the best massage therapist out there.

And I’m not greatest massage therapist that ever lived.

Now your turn.

Say it with me: “I’m not the best massage therapist out there. And I’m not greatest massage therapist that ever lived.”

How do you feel?

Like a loser?

Or do you feel a little lighter? A little liberated?

I’m in the liberated camp.

In my experience, “greatest” and “best” are ideas that can stop you from taking the next business step or stop you from starting a business at all.

Many years ago I decided I wanted to create and teach massage CE courses. It didn’t take me long to develop a course and get it accredited.

But ask me how long it took me to start teaching it?



Because I had no real teaching experience besides coaching the MTs who worked for us.

Well, I guess a better wait until I’m a great teacher…

Yeah, I know, not so logical. You can’t get better at something by not doing it.

Bye-bye personal growth, time and money.

Twenty years ago, I did the same thing with my massage business—I waited a couple of extra years to go out on my own because I had Best Massage Therapist Syndrome.

Here’s how I handle that now.

Best Massage Therapist Syndrome Treatment

I remind myself that…

1. Being the best is an imaginary state of being.

You’re one of a bazillion massage therapists. How could you possibly know who is the best?

And even if there was a World Massage-Off, how would you decide who won when the experience of massage itself is subjective?

You can’t know.

The best MT doesn’t exist. Don’t fall for the trap.

2. “Being the best” is probably “fear of failure”.

Did this ever happen to you? You’re jacked about finishing your website. You do a Google search and find a MT, Maggie, who has 20 years experience and is doing massage a street down from you.

Hmm…maybe I should get a part-time job in a daycare center?

Wait, how do you know Maggie is a good MT? Twenty years of experience doesn’t mean she’s the best MT around.

If you fall for “the best” trap, you’ll always find someone “better” than you each and every time you’re about to put yourself out there.

Why finish my website because Maggie’s going to get all the business?

Why advertise as an orthopedic massage therapist because Darby’s brochure sure looks like she knows more than I do about orthopedic massage?

And the list goes on…

One more thing about Best Massage Therapist Syndrome:

3. Clients don’t pick according to “the best”. They pick according to getting their needs met.

If you don’t believe me, think about your auto mechanic. How did you pick that person?

You probably did a Google search or got some recommendations. You may even have tried a few out before you settled on one.

But was your goal to pick the best auto mechanic?


You picked the mechanic who met your needs (like proximity, turn-around time, workmanship, and price).

And once you found the mechanic that was a good fit, did you have any desire to find a better one, possibly the best one?

Probably not.

You’re happy with your current one. Why put the time in looking for one who might be a little better?

The same is true with massage clients.

Clients want a good fit. They’re not on a search for the best massage therapist in the county, country or world.

Work to be Your Best

So, if you reject “being the best” thinking, what should you be?

Somewhere between subpar and mediocre.


You should be the best you can be.

And you can only be that by getting reps in.

I got teaching reps in by having my wife, Lisa, assist me with larger classes the first year.

They’re falling asleep. Do something different.

As time went on, with Lisa’s help, I got better.

Best Massage Therapist Quick-Fix

So, do you think you have a case of Best Massage Therapist Syndrome?

If so, remember that “the best” is an imaginary state of being.

It could also be an excuse because you’re afraid to fail.

And definitely don’t forget that clients pick MTs based on needs being met, not greatness.

To move forward with your massage business, you only have to be your best.

You do that by getting reps in.

If you need help, get a Lisa for feedback and guidance.

If you don’t have anyone, I’ll be happy to be your Lisa.

Shoot me an email and let me know what’s going on.

I’d also recommend joining my email group. It’s free and I’ll send you my latest everything to keep you moving in the right direction.

Sign up below:-)

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