How to Create Predictable Massage Income

One week you’re dining at your favorite restaurant. The next week you’re eating P&Js. We all know what happened during P&J week–clients disappeared. That’s just how the massage business is, right? Actually, no. You can create steady and predictable massage income every week. Here’s how to do it.

Predictable Massage Income

First, stop thinking in terms of how many clients it will take to hit a weekly average (average weekly income).

“Average weekly income” is not going to give you enough push to get the job done.

Instead think in terms of the maximum number of massages you can do in a week. And make that your weekly goal.

Did your hands just curl up in the fetal position and scream out “No Mas!”?

This should help them uncurl. I’m talking about your massage max for one week, not consecutive weeks, and you won’t ever have to hit that number if you don’t want to. I’ll explain later.

Now, I want to take you through examples of both. Let’s start with setting your client goal so that you hit your average weekly income.

Average Weekly Income Goal: Not Predictable Massage Income

For easy math let’s say you want to make $1000 a week. You charge $70 an hour. To get $1000 at $70/hour you’d have to do 14.28 hours worth of massage. Let’s round that up to 14.5 hours of massage.

So, you go out and market to get 14.5 hours of massage a week. When you hit a week or two of 14.5 hours you get excited and continue with the same marketing plan.

But at the end of the year, your marketing efforts yield these results:

  1. You hit your 14.5 hour week about half the time.
  2. A few weeks you did better than your average.
  3. Some weeks we’re really bad.
  4. The rest of the weeks were below your average.

Is that reliable and predictable massage income?


Massage Max: Predictable Massage Income

Now, let’s keep the same setup ($70/hour, $1000/week, 14.5 hours of massage), but this time we’ll plug in the concept of marketing to hit your massage max number.

First, you figure out your massage max–the maximum number of massages you can do in a week. Again, not weeks in a row, just one week.

To keep things simple, let’s say it’s 20 hours.

To hit the 20 hours mark, you’ll have to really ramp up your marketing efforts, much more so then when you were trying to hit the 14.5 hours mark.

When you do that, it’s almost guaranteed that more clients will start to come in.

But wait, Mark, remember my fingers curling up in the fetal position? I don’t want to do 20 hours a week!

You don’t have to.

The trick to predictable weekly income is overflow. Once you have 14.5 hours filled for the week, you push the rest of the clients into the next week.

Granted, there may be weeks when you could go over your ideal weekly average or you could even hit your 20 massages a week limit, but that’s completely up to you.

Oh, Yes and Oh, Crap

If you’re thinking “Oh, yes that makes complete sense!” and “Oh, crap I have to become a serious marketer!” at the same time, you’re not alone. That’s how I felt at one time.

After all who wants to be this:

Fortunately, you don’t have to be that.

Be you.

And pick the marketing strategies that don’t conflict with your core values or compromise your integrity.

I wrote these 3 articles to help you find your way through the marketing morass.

You Have to Sell

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2 Marketing Tips, Not 10

Quick Version for Predictable Massage Income

Let’s do this one more time. If you’re not hitting your average weekly income, you’re not marketing enough.

Think massage max not massage average when you market. The higher mark (weekly massage max) is a powerful emotional driver especially when you start seeing the weekly income needle move.

These articles will help you market without feeling cheesy.

You Have to Sell

How to Get Someone to Sell Your Massage

2 Marketing Tips, Not 10

When you have your first week of clients coming out of the woodwork, don’t freak out.

Do this instead:

Source: WikimediaImages

Or this:

Source: Open Clipart-Vectors

Better yet, this:

Source: Open Clipart-Vectors

Because now you have a process that will give you a steady and predictable weekly income:-)

Ready for the next step?

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