How to “Email” in More Clients

If you don’t have any money to advertise, there is one thing you absolutely need to do: email your clients about massage specials, important information and personal recommendations. Take a deep breath. I’m going to make it easy for you to get rolling. Here we go!

Eliminating the Cheese Factor

First, you need to get your clients’ email addresses. Here’s how I’ve taken the cheese factor out of asking my clients for their email addresses:

  1. We have a line for an email address on our intake form. And 90%-ish of our new clients provide an email address on the intake.
  2. After the massage, I let the client know that we periodically email specials out. And then I ask the client if she wants to be on the email list.
  3. I go through my cell contacts of existing clients. If I don’t have an email address for one, I will call or text her. Here’s what I say/write: “Hi, _______, I’m going to start sending out emails when I’m running a special. Just wanted to know if you’d be interested in receiving that information?”

Get a Free Email Marketing Service

Next pick an email marketing service. An email marketing service makes it easy to send out all emails at once. Currently, I use the free version of Mailchimp. I like Mailchimp, but I’ve never shopped around. Benchmark and Vertical Response have free versions, too. Once you pick out your email marketing service, start inputting email addresses to create an email list.

Keep the Momentum

It doesn’t matter if you have 1000 clients or just 1 client on your email list, you need to send out your first email to get the ball rolling. Here are 3 evergreen emails that you can cycle through:

1. Special/Discount:

The list of specials is endless. For instance, you could offer a Birthday Discount, Monday Special (or whichever day that tends to be a slow work day), or a Client Appreciation Thank You. Below is the copy for our Client Appreciation email that we sent out. If you like it, feel free to use it.

Subject Line of Email: We’ve lost it–$39 massage!

We’ve haven’t really lost it. We’re just excited because we have something special for you.

It’s been a year and a half since we opened our doors at PressurePerfect(TM) massage and you guys have been awesome! You’ve been loyal customers, provided fantastic feedback, and have encouraged us to carry on with our “against the grain” business model of no tipping, no memberships and no up-selling.

It’s with this heartfelt appreciation that we’re offering you a special discount voucher of $39 for a 60 minute massage.

You can purchase this special discount voucher now through May 27th by simply calling 610-955-6695. If you reach our voicemail (which could be the case because we’re often busy doing massage), just leave a message and someone will get right back to you asap to take your order.

Vouchers need to be used between now and July 1. After July 1, the purchase price of the offer ($39) can be used towards the normal price of a massage ($70). Maximum of 2 vouchers per client please.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

2. Information That Can Help Your Clients:

Only send out information that you think your clients’ can use. If you send out information without keeping your clients’ in mind, they’re going to ignore your emails. Here are some client-centric email ideas: self-massage techniques, stretches for lower back, a link to an article on warming up before working out. Here’s a link to a self massage video that I sent out to our clients.

3. Personal Recommendations:

Recommending other health professionals can help your clients’ achieve their wellness goals. It’s also a way to connect with other health professionals and build referral sources. I only recommend services that I’ve vetted and/or use myself. Here is the copy that we used when we introduced Bernie, a kick-butt chiropractor, to our clients:

Hi Everybody,

Over the years, we’ve connected with some great health practitioners in the Phoenixville area. And we wanted to share their expertise with you. That’s why we asked our colleagues to provide you with a quick health tip that could have instant impact in your life.

We’d like to start with Dr. Bernard Stern, DC. He’s a chiropractor right here in Phoenixville. We love Dr. Stern because he’s passionate about what he does, his adjustments are super-thorough (30 minutes with each patient) and he’s all about helping patients take control of their health.

Without further ado, here’s the video of the exercise tip that he wanted to share with you:
An Exercise to Help You Stay Young

Hope you found his tip helpful. If you think you have a chiropractic issue and want to talk to him, you can reach him at 610-755-1886.The initial consult & adjustment is $40. After that each chiropractic session is $20. He’s not a fan of websites, but his Yelp reviews speak for themselves.

Here’s to getting and staying healthy!

Lisa and Mark

How Often Should I Email?

Start sending emails once a month. After 3 months, think about every other week.
If 10% – %20 of your clients buy one of your specials, that’s great. Remember that a client who isn’t buying your specials doesn’t mean he’s not spreading your name to his friends and family. Your emails remind him why he likes you (and your work) so much.

Making a Living Versus Building a Business

Having clients’ cell phone numbers is he basis for making a living. Having their email addresses is the raw material for growing a business for FREE.

Make a living with clients’ phone numbers. Grow a business with their email addresses. Click To Tweet

You can get over the cheese factor of asking for a client’s email address by having an email friendly intake form. Ask an existing client for her email address by saying: “Hi, _______, I’m going to start sending out emails when I’m running a special. Just wanted to know if you’d be interested in receiving that information?”

Select a free email marketing service, like MailChimp, Benchmark or Vertical Response. Then input the email addresses and start sending group emails using evergreen emails: Special/Discount, Information, and Recommendations. And always encourage your clients to share your emails with family and friends when it makes sense.

Commit to sending group emails, at least, once a month. And remember that your email is like an internet billboard. Your clients may not always buy your special, but they will constantly be reminded of you. And the potential to spread your name increases.

If you get hung up on the way, let me know in the comment section here or email me: I’ll help you get back on track!

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