How to Get Your Massage Noticed

I could kick myself when I think about all the massage business marketing mistakes I had made, especially when I didn’t understand and execute this:  HEY, I’M HERE!

To me, HEY, I’M HERE! is a must for MTs trying to grow a practice. By the way, the caps and exclamation point are on purpose.

View them in contrast to the massage business marketing strategy I had used before: Hey, I’m here.

Noticeable difference, huh?

HEY, I’M HERE! is screaming. You have to turn your head and look at me.

With Hey, I’m here. you only hear me if you’re 2 feet away from me. It just doesn’t get the job done.

I know what you’re thinking: I’m not a HEY, I’M HERE! kind of person.

Neither am I.

But you can convey HEY, I’M HERE! without being obnoxious.


Massage Business Marketing: HEY, I’M HERE!

Here’s how I do it.

1. HEY, I’M HERE! just needs to be impactful enough to be noticed.

For signage, impactful means it needs to be seen from a distance. And it needs to capture the passersby’s attention. You can capture someone’s attention with content and/or design.

This is my car magnet sign:

I wanted to convey that we are confident in our ability to do good work.

Impact with a website could be content driven, too.

I offer this deal…

I’m different than the competition because…

Here’s my opening for our Google blurb to differentiate us from our competition:

If you want a massage without a membership contract or a chakra re-balancing, you’re at the right place. We help avid runners, weekend warriors, arthritis…

Impact on a website could be highlighting great online reviews.

And pictures have impact.

Think happy clients. A warm waiting room. Your smiling face.

Speaking of your smiling face, if you’re really shy, read this. It will help you start moving in the right direction.

On to tip number two…

2. Execute HEY, I’M HERE! from a customer’s point-of-view.

Put yourself in the perspective of your customer when trying to get noticed, especially when it comes to signage.

At our one office, we’re at the corner of an intersection. We have multiple signs outside the office building. Two marquee signs, a banner sign and 2 tent signs.

Recently, a new client, Riya, said that she had seen our banner sign for the past couple of years but never called.


Because the banner sign she saw every day going to and from from work was next to the side of the building and didn’t direct her to the entrance. It left her confused. Was our office in the building or somewhere else?

Also, since she didn’t know where the entrance was she couldn’t determine if our office looked safe and inviting, a place she’d want to try out.

One banner sign on the side of the building directing potential customers to the front of the building coming up!

Here’s the last tip.

3. HEY, I’M HERE! needs to be in multiple marketing areas.

Guess what ultimately drew Riya through our doors?

Not the sign she passed by 100s of times.

It was our website.

She did a search, pulled our website up and we just happened to be the place she drove by all the time.

Thankfully, we were using the HEY, I’M HERE! strategy with our website.

So with Riya, here’s what we got right with HEY, I’M HERE!: Impact and  multiple marketing areas.

We missed “execute from a customer’s view point”. And here’s what it cost us.

For about 2 years, Riya’s husband had been telling her to go to the massage place (us) that she passed by the days she went to work. After all, they lived within walking distance.

Finally, she did (not because of our signs). She liked us and was used to getting massaged regularly, so she started coming to us once a week.

But, here’s the kicker, she’s moving very soon.

Hmm…what if we had gotten her to try us 2 years ago?

Let’s go conservative. 40 weeks x 2 years x $70 (our charge) = $5600.

Can you say waah?

HEY, I’M HERE! in Three Steps

Get your massage business marketing moving by having the right strategy in place.


Make it (1) impactful enough to get noticed, (2) execute it according to the customer’s perspective and (3) cover multiple marketing areas.

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