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Doug, a client of mine, once hurt his lower back while brushing his teeth. Doug’s story is not uncommon. In fact, over the past 24 years, I’ve heard many stories from back-pain clients who have tweaked their backs doing simple, everyday actions, like turning in the shower to reach for the soap. Granted, the root [...]

A couple of weeks ago I started with my typical dry-skin challenges of winter. However, this time I developed a significant skin crack on the knuckle of my right middle finger. This knuckle is a tool that I use when I need to deliver precise, deep pressure. At first, I thought about cancelling some deep [...]

I was taught in neuromuscular therapy that if you were having trouble identifying a potential gait distortion you should have the person walk faster. This works because when the person is walking faster she doesn’t have time to adjust to an imbalance (e.g., pronating foot ) before she takes the next step. A few years [...]

Years ago I needed a photographer for my parents’ 5oth anniversary party. I chose a wizen-faced photographer who had been in the business for decades. After all, if you’ve been in business for that long, you had to be good…well, let me just say that we didn’t buy one of the pictures he took at [...]

The room was silent except for the pings of the medical devices that were keeping my dad alive in the ICU. The family sat around him. My mom was in a wheelchair and held dad’s hand. The elective heart surgery had not gone well and we, the family, had just made the decision to take [...]

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