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Hellz Yeah

The benefits of hand-held massage tools are that they can save your hands (e.g., spell tired thumbs) and improve the quality of your massage (e.g., get into certain areas of the body more effectively than fingers and thumbs). But many MTs shy away from massage tools because they haven’t been shown how to safely and [...]

Competing with Bob for Clients

Whether you like it or not, you compete with other MTs for business. If that makes you a little uncomfortable, that’s okay. I was uncomfortable with competition at one point in my massage career, too. But as time went on I learned that competition brought out the best in me and that my success depended [...]

Should I Quit Massage?

After a heavy day of massage, every MT has asked herself this question: should I quit massage? I certainly have. Massage is physically demanding (and mentally at times). Sometimes we are way underpaid for what we do. Sometimes clients stress us out. And sometimes we have less time than we thought because we have to [...]

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