How to Sell Massage without Talking

If you have a hard time talking about your massage business to others (aka, selling massage), I get it.

It’s weird and makes you feel self-conscious, right?

By the way, if you’re like me, time doesn’t make this less awkward.

But it’s okay. You never, EVER have to talk about your business like a salesperson if you practice this philosophy: Don’t talk, just do.

The Power of Doing

By doing, I mean do things for clients, businesses and health care professionals that provide value (and extra value in certain cases).

Okay, Mark, I’ll pick up a pizza for my client Geremie on the way home from work.

Hold on, no need to make Peyton Manning richer than he already is.

I’m talking about “doing” as it relates to massage.

Clients Selling Massage For You

For example, at our office here’s what we do to make sure each client gets an extra dose of value.

We, (1) do extra research about a client’s problem and reach out to other health professionals on our client’s behalf, (2) take the time to listen to a client who is having a bad day and not count that time as part of the massage, (3), follow up with a new client 2 to 3 days  after the massage to see how he’s doing.

You’re probably wondering how all this “doing” translates into selling massage.

It’s pretty simple.

By doing these nice things, we create very loyal clients. A percentage of these clients naturally talk us up. In essence, they become our sales force.

We motivate our sales force by continuing to do things that benefit them. If you want to dive deeper into having a customer sales force, check out: How to Get Someone Sell Your Massage.

The same is true with businesses connections.

Businesses Selling Massage for You

Have you ever been to a luncheon where the sole purpose is to schmooze with other business owners/reps?

Can you say “pass me the hemlock, please”?

But connecting to other business for marketing and referral purposes is important.

Here’s what doers do: We, first, cast a wide net by doing something for other businesses, like demo massages for free.

When we do, we’ll really connect with a few. With those few, we go deep by doing more (providing even more value).

Doing more could be providing them with more free demo massages, supporting their business events with chair massage, providing coupons and gift certificates for special events they’re doing, and/or providing discounts to their customers.

Like with our clients, the businesses we really connect with become our sales force.

Doers Warning

Before you go “doing” all over the place, you need to know 2 more things about doing.

One, doing needs to be tied into your marketing.

And “extra doing” needs to be strategic.

Doing in a Marketing Plan

The reason you want “doing” tied into your marketing plan is so that you actually make more money without burning out.

Here’s “doing” without a marketing plan.

You do free demo massages for any business who is nice to you or anyone who asks you to because you can’t say no.

Been there, done that.

Here’s what “doing” looks like in a marketing plan.

You offer free demo massages to 3 personal training studios, 3 chiropractors (who don’t do massage), 2 bicycle shops, and 1 rock climbing gym.

Now you can gauge progress over time.

Let’s say you really connected with a chiro and a personal training studio.

Now it’s time to be strategic.

Strategic Doing

Being strategic is important because the cost for “doing” is time.

This is what you want to avoid: A lot of time invested for a tiny return.

This is what you want to achieve: A lot of time invested for a big return.

Back to the example, let’s say that the personal training studio is giving you more referrals than the chiropractor.

Go all in with the personal training studio and put the chiropractor on maintenance mode.

Multiple Platform Marketing

Now, you have the time to give the personal training studio some extra value.

And you’re in a position to leverage your “doing” efforts into other marketing platforms with the personal training studio.

For instance, you could add a resources page to your website, explain why you like this personal training studio and have a link to their website on this page.

You could then ask the personal training studio if they’d link to your webpage.

When they link to you (backlink), you’re improving your website SEO which means you could be driving more traffic to your website.

Also, when the personal training studio puts your website link on their website, you’re getting an endorsement and free advertising.

Not bad for never having to talk up your massage, huh?

Let’s do a quick recap.

Selling Massage for Doers Recap

If you’re NOT a talker, be a doer.

Do things that add value to your client’s experience and do things that add value to business relationships.

When building business relationships, be strategic. In other words, don’t be “doing” if you’re not getting enough return (referrals) from your time investment.

And make sure your “doing” is part of a marketing plan.

You don’t have to get fancy with this.

You just need to keep in mind that your primary goal for business relationships is to effectively and efficiently market your business.

A marketing plan will help keep your “doing” on track to reaching that goal.

And once you find your number one business buddy, have some fun!

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