Who Has the Cheapest Massage Insurance?

I went on a search to find the cheapest massage insurance. I found it. But deciding on which massage insurance to buy is not as straightforward as finding the cheapest.

Many organizations bundle massage insurance in with membership. Membership comes with bonuses, like “free” massage CEs, but surprise, surprise, bundled packages cost more.

Hmm…paying a little more to get “free” CE courses sounds good…but wait, renewal is every 2 years (if you’re in PA)…should I pay a little more to get “free” CEs every year?…am I really saving money?…and what if I hate the CE courses…oh, but then they also give me “free” scheduling software…that’s cool stuff, but when I did the demo, I know that I’m gonna wanna upgrade and that’s gonna cost more…wait do I have to attend meetings if I become a member?…I like the idea of a “free” website, but why does my d0main name say www.markliskey/XYZ .org?…I’ll be right back…


Take a deep breath in. We can get through this.

These Are the Good Old Days

Remember the good old days when you just bought cheap massage insurance and that was it?

No “free” websites.

No newsletters that you never read.

No upselling you scheduling software and massage business services.

No massage insurance the next year because the company you bought from vanished into thin air…

Okay, so it wasn’t all that great.

The reality is, we’ve got a lot of choices now. We just need to wade through them–and that’s what I’m going to help you do.

Here’s What I Did to Find the Cheapest Massage Insurance

To make things easier, I divided up the many massage insurance options into two categories: Just Insurance and Insurance with Extras.

Here’s what a Google search turned up for the Just Insurance options.

Just Massage Insurance

a. $96/year: Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI)

b. $97/year: Insure LMT

c. $99/year: American Massage Council

Okay, so I already broke a rule. But just by a wee bit.

I’m throwing the InsureLMT $97 option into the Just Insurance category because this option provides only one bonus (3 CE hours included for free). And all the other options in the Insurance with Extras category have a lot of bonuses.

Here are the Insurance with Extras options.

Massage Insurance with Extras

a. $155/year: Insure LMT

b. $155/year: Hands On Trade

c. $159: Massage Magazine Insurance Plus

*d. $159: NACAMS

e. $199/year : ABMP

f. $199 – $229: Alternative Balance

g. $204.99/year: NAMASTA {$99.99 (membership) + $105 (insurance)}

h. $235/year: AMTA

In this category there are 8 options. However, I’m going to eliminate option D (NACAMS).

NACAMS is a sister company of MASSAGE Magazine who is also MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus. NACAMS and MASSAGE Magazine insurance policies are the same. (You can read more about that here.)

Now let’s compare the options in Just Insurance.

I Just Want Freakin’ Masssage Insurance

Here’s what the 3 options for Just Insurance look like on a spreadsheet:

Immediately you see that the American Massage Council’s policy is lacking in 8 out of 9 categories when compared to Beauty & Bodywork and InsureLMT.

Hmm…they probably should do something about that.

In 4 out of 9 categories, both Beauty & Bodywork and InsureLMT provide the same coverage amount. Of the 5 remaining categories, Beauty & Bodywork wins by a close 3 to 2 score, but InsureLMT includes 3 CEs when you purchase their insurance.

That’s a toss-up in my book. But if you’re penny-pinching, go with InsureLMT and get the 3 CEs.

Now for the more complicated comparisons…

Insurance with the Bells and Whistles

Take a look at the spreadsheet:

A quick glance reveals that in categories 1 – 5 all options are fairly comparable except for NAMASTA. Their numbers are significantly lower.

Also, worth noting is that the ABMP and AMTA have the best numbers in categories 1 – 5.

Let’s look at categories 6 – 9. HandsOnTrade scores the worst. And ABMP, AMTA and NAMASTA have goose eggs in two out four categories.

NAMASTA is looking a little rough here. We’ll come back to that a little later.

But what about added value? Here’s a spreadsheet of the extras you get with each option.

At this point, if I were leaning towards buying insurance through a professional organization, I’d look at the column that is labeled “Extras” and decide which extrs are important to me.

Once you decide what’s important to you, it will be easier to select a professional organization that meets your needs.

The Free Website Perk-Not

Oh, about the “free” website perk…for those of you who know me, please skip this next paragraph.

But for those who don’t, you might want to consider this: “Free” websites offered through professional organizations come with built-in domain name and advertising problems. Not to mention that you don’t get to choose your website builder. I’ve learned if you don’t control your website from hosting company to domain name, you’re at a competitive disadvantage. You can learn how to build a website quickly (and inexpensively) by clicking on this article.

Let’s get back to business.

Massage Insurance Bundle Deals

You might be wondering if a bundle deal through a professional organization could save you money via the bonuses and perks.

Good question.

Two Insurance with Extras options stand out here. InsureLMT ($155) and Massage Magazine ($159) because they both offer unlimited online CEs and have solid insurance.

But before you whip out your Visa, here’s something to think about…is buying an insurance option with unlimited CEs cheaper than buying InsureLMT policy at $97 which gives you 3 CEs for free?

If you’re in PA where 24 CEs are required every 2 years and only 8 CEs can be online, then the answer is no.

Here’s the math.

Year 1 at $155 (unlimited CEs) + Year 2 at $155 (unlimited CEs)= $310. All of my 8 online CEs that I can use for relicensing  are “free”.

Year 1 at $95 (3 CEs free) + Year 2 at $95 (3 CEs free) = $190. Six CEs are “free”. I still need 2 CEs.

Can I find 2 online CEs for under $120 ($310 – $190) total?

Uh, pretty sure…

It’s Not Always About the $

But buying insurance through a professional organization isn’t always about money, right?

Sometimes it’s about category 4–“Other”. In other words, it’s about having the support of a professional organization.

For a deeper dive into “Other”, here are the links to the additional perks with each option. I’ll see you in the paragraph after the links. (Oh, warning: when you see the word “access”, that usually means you have access to something that you’ll have to pay for.)

InsureLMT extras

HandsOnTrade extras

MassageMagazine extras

AlternativeBalance extras

ABMP extras

NAMASTA extras

AMTA extras

How’d it go? Did one organization resonate with you? If so, maybe that’s the one to buy from. But before you do, let’s do a quick review.

My Massage Insurance Cautions

These massage insurance options fell significantly short of their competitors.

In the Just Insurance category, the American Massage Council insurance coverage was weak.

And NAMASTA limped way behind the rest of the pack in the Insurance with Extras category.

Would I buy a policy from either of them? No.

But if you liked the extras NAMASTA offers, you could become a member (and get the extras) without buying the massage insurance from them.

And in Conclusion…

Does it seem like it’s getting complicated again?

Let’s un-complicate it.

Do you want inexpensive insurance?

If so, go with Beauty & Bodywork ($96) or InsureLMT ($97).

Do you want inexpensive insurance and “free” CEs?

Then go with InsureLMT ($97 with 3 CEs) or InsureLMT ($155 with unlimited CEs) or Massage Magazine ($159 with unlimited CEs).

Do you want the support of a professional organization?

Decide which organization has the perks that are best for you. And if at the end of a year, it turns out to be a bad fit, you can always switch to another option.

It’s your hard-earned money.

Spend it where it makes the most sense for your needs.

P.S. Here’s a list of insurance terms and definitions to use as a reference. It’s taken from the HandsOnTrade website. I made one edit. Also, if you want to connect to my email list, sign up below. I’ll send you my latest articles, videos, tutorials, and downloads to help you make more money, build a practice and stay pain- and injury-free.

Insurance Terms

Occurrence Based Policy
Insurance that pays claims arising out of incidents that occur during the policy term, even if they are filed years later or if the policy is no longer in effect.

Professional misconduct or lack of ordinary skill in the performance of a professional act which renders the practitioner liable for damages.

Professional Liability Insurance
The obligation that a professional practitioner has to provide care or service that meets the standard of practice for his/her profession.

General Liability Insurance
A form of insurance designed to protect practitioners from liability exposures arising out of accidents resulting from the premises.

Product Liability Insurance
Insurance on a professional practitioner from suits arising out of damage caused by a product used on a client.

Damage to Premises
Property Damage to any one premises while rented by the Insured or in the case of damage by fire, while rented by the Insured or temporarily occupied by the Insured with permission of the owner of premises.

Per Occurrence limit
This is the limit for all damages, whether property damage or bodily injury resulting from one occurrence.

Aggregate limit
This is the maximum limit for all claims against you during the policy period. Each claim paid reduces the remaining coverage for the period until the aggregate amount is paid.

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